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Accidental Vampire by Amy Nova

A Why Choose Paranormal Romance series

A paranormal Romance

After being fired for not being pretty enough, Tiffany must hustle to make rent and pay off her student loans. She finds herself with the opportunity to make bank as a server at a party for obviously wealthy and sexy patrons.

Lachlan, overcome with grief at the loss of his sire, finds a moment of peace in the arms of a stranger, and at her invitation, loses himself in the taste of her blood.

Only problem - she is mortal. No. She was mortal.

Once word of his accidental vampire gets out, assassins track them down forcing them into hiding with the undesirables of vampire society. Tiffany grapples with being newly made undead and the complicated feelings for the man that killed her. The rules of vampires are incomprehensible and forces her to make a mistake that could cost her more than her freedom.